My first IT speaking gig was about Android

by Koree S. Monteloyola


I was invited by my former college professor (sir Rico Teodoro) to be a guest speaker to an Android Technology seminar for a small group of students at Adamson University (Metro Manila, Philippines). It was held this afternoon.

One of the fun parts was when I switched to this slide :)

android robot - philippines

Yup, I put my design there so everyone (in the seminar) can see its full "projected" glory. I know, I know it was a shameless plug. hehe

These are just some of the things that I discussed during the seminar:

- General information about Android (History, Features, Security,Design)

- Setting the general environment configuration for Android development (System Requirements, Android SDK, Android Virtual Device, Eclipse, ADT)

- Discussing HelloWorld app, installing and testing in an AVD or emulator

- Exporting an Android project

- Creating a keystore

- Creating the HelloWorld.apk file

- Using adb to see the devices

- Installing the HelloWorld.apk file to the emulator and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

We ran out of time to discuss other Android projects, and I ended the seminar with a statement made by Richard Stallman about supporting Android to protect our privacy.

I hope I was able to deliver what they needed to start coding.

Thanks to sir Rico for giving me the chance to share what I know. God Bless.







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