Apparently, Richard Stallman is right

by Koree S. Monteloyola


"This is why you should support Android (not Google, but Android), even if you prefer the iPhone. This is why you should support Linux, even if you use Windows. This is why you should support Apache, even if you run IIS. There's going to be a point where being Free/open is no longer a fun perk, but a necessity."

- quoted from Richard Stallman Was Right All Along

I agree and like to think that there is freedom in free software, and money in proprietary software and/or developing for someone else. So where does this put a PHP web developer, like me?

Honestly, even if I really love the idea that I can spend most of my waking days building free software and experiment with solar power, in reality I have bills to pay. So I have to balance this out and if I'm lucky I can build my own platform, with that being said, I need to learn a new programming language this year.


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