Microsoft kills technologies, but fails to provide alternatives.

by Koree S. Monteloyola


First, the updates and points of discussion:

1. Microsoft is suing companies left and right

2. Yes, they (might) own most of the copyrights/patents for the essential technologies in software development.

3. Microsoft has managed to overpower companies that invented or produced a technology that people use and really enjoy, but now has to stop its production because according to Microsoft the technology infringes the terms of intellectual property rights.

Lately, Microsoft is getting better in suing companies - better than improving their own technologies. I understand the scope of intellectual property rights, how it can protect a company and destroy an idea or invention. Let's say that Microsoft has won in most/every IPR case, can this company be able to deliver the technologies they kill?

If they can - good. I'll stop the hate.

If they can't, which apparently is the current situation, then Microsoft is just getting richer, while some of use are getting dumber.

Of course, Microsoft still dominates the PCs and/or servers with their system and application softwares. But if we're going to talk about the web and mobile arena, I think they have failed to evolve together with their target audiences.

Well, Microsoft hasn't really been known as a company of innovation, Apple takes on that job really well. It's like Microsoft is still in beta testing mode after a decade of web and mobile evolution. 


Have you used Microsoft's search engine - Bing!? You know the search engine that has a fancy page layout but fails to deliver the results that you really need? I check it from time to time to see if it's still alive. Honestly, I'd rather use Yahoo! than Bing. But, Microsoft was able to buy that system too, probably now they understand what went wrong while analyzing Yahoo!'s source codes and network infrastructures.

Come to think of it, Microsoft now owns two search engines, but most of us are still using Google. They have the money but it seems they don't have the right people to invent the things WE NEED.

Have you seen a Windows Phone powered smartphone yet? My sister bought this huge smartphone - HTC HD7 - and as usual the graphical user interface is great, I was blown away when I first saw it, but when we tried sending files via bluetooth it failed to detect my Android phone. Sure, games look better in Windows Phones but check out the battery life! If you want to last a day while executing multimedia apps I suggest you buy an extra battery or don't ever, ever forget to bring the charger.

How about the fees in Windows Phone development? $99. You'd demand that amount without any guarantee of returns in investment. AND, WORSE HAVE YOU CHECKED THE MARKET SHARE OF WINDOWS PHONES?

As a developer, would you be inspired to create apps because of 10% market share?

Oh, and don't forget the maps...ok, I'll be kind's a work in progress too.

It appears that Microsoft is creating a huge hindrance in reaching the full potential of (technological) user experience, by slowly killing other technologies that they fail to invent or produce.

And that's what worries me, on a small scale. But if you really think about it and imagine the future, you might feel the urge to scream out of frustration.


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