NASA Launches Two Official Android Applications

by Koree S. Monteloyola


NASA is on fire! In just about two weeks this month, NASA has launched its first two Android applications in the Android Market, namely, “NASA Spinoff” and “NASA 360”.

NASA Spinoff” is NASA's first Android app and was released on January 18, 2011. The application allows you to explore NASA technologies developed in your own backyard. It contains a feed of NASA’s latest technology news, a searchable database of NASA-derived innovations, a map of spinoff locations, a historical timeline and a database of NASA’s available licensing opportunities to inspire the spinoffs of the future.

This may sound exciting, since it’s “NASA” and it has started to recognize Android, but feedbacks from people who downloaded the app tell otherwise. Although it gives users news about how NASA innovations are spreading around the world in everyday use and it has a superb timeline of NASA inventions, “NASA Spinoff” is like a school project because of its poorly designed interface and crashes on some Android phones.Space and Android geeks should not be discouraged though, because NASA’s second Android application – “NASA 360” – has received better reception from its users.

NASA 360 is an award-winning television program enjoyed by millions. Catch every episode, along with transcripts, interactive maps with more information on each filming location, cast and crew bios, and even a quiz to test your knowledge about the show via your Android phone. This application was released a week after Nasa Spinoff. Comments for this app tell how easy to use and well-structured the NASA 360 is.

For those who would like to download any of these applications just search it on the Android Market through your phone to download and install it for free.

NASA has launched several popular applications for other platforms, mostly for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Android users are hoping that NASA would also recreate these applications to be downloaded and installed on Android phones for free.

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