Make your HTC Desire – Android Froyo as a portable WI-FI hotspot

by Koree S. Monteloyola


This is a tutorial on how you can use your HTC Desire – Android Froyo as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot via a paid mobile internet.

On your Phone:

  1. Make sure that you have configured the APN for your phone, otherwise call your network’s customer service to learn how. (for Globe prepaid subscribers check my previous post about APN config)


  2. Configure the ‘Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings’.
    • Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Wi-fi and networks’ > tap on ‘Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings’
    • Fill out the following fields:
      1. Router name: <mine is ‘HTC Network’>
      2. Security: <mine is WPA (TKIP)>
      3. Password : <I recommend to use this feature to prevent strangers from connecting to your phone.>
      4. Press ‘menu’ button > Tap on ‘Advanced’
        • Wi-Fi Channel : <default is Auto>
        • LAN Settings : <leave as is if you don’t know what to put on these fields>
        • Power mode:  <tap to choose what would happen in case of prolonged inactivity>
      5. Tap on ‘Manage users’
        • Enable ‘Allowed users only’
        • Tap on ‘Max. connections’ to increase or decrease the number of allowed connections. Your options are from 2-8.
  3. Turn on ‘Mobile Network’.

    There are 2 ways to do this:

    • By doing a long press on the power button and tap ‘Mobile Network’ to switch on or off
    • By going to Settings > Wireless and Networks > Tap on the checkbox for ‘Mobile Network’
  4. Turn on hotspot. Go to ‘Settings’ > Wireless and Networks > Tap on the checkbox. The ‘Wi-Fi hotspot active’ icon shows up on the topmost left of the screen.


On your computer:

Check the wireless network connections available, you will now see the “HTC Network” as an option. Select this network and enter the password you have previously set.  Surf and enjoy.


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