HTC Desire - Android Froyo Access Point Name (manual) configuration for prepaid Globe subscribers

by Koree S. Monteloyola


In your phone do the following:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Wireless and Networks’
  • Tap on ‘Mobile Networks’
  • Choose ‘Access Point Names’
  • Press ‘menu’ button and select  “New APN”
  • In the “Add/Edit Access Point” screen you will mostly type the following values for these fields:

1.       Name: myglobeconnect

2.       APN:

3.       Proxy:  <should be blank>

4.       Port:  <should be blank>

5.       Username:  <should be blank>

6.       Password: <should be blank>

7.       Server:  <should be blank>

8.       MMSC: <should be blank>

9.       MMS proxy: <should be blank>

10.   MMS port: <should be blank>

11.   MMS protocol:  Wap 2.0 <select the default value; leave as is>

12.   MCC: 515

13.   MNC: 02

14.   Authentication type: select ‘None’

15.   APN type: either type ‘default’ or ‘internet’

If it doesn’t work instantly you might want to go to an area which has a strong signal. You could also turn off your phone, remove the battery and turn on after a minute and try reconnecting by turning on "Mobile Network" in the "Wireless and Networks" screen; or try doing a long press on the power button and tap on "Mobile Network" to either turn it on or off.

You can always delete the APN presets of your phone if you like and set a new APN. You can return these anytime, while on the APN’s screen press the ‘menu’ button and select ‘Reset to default’. Warning: this would delete all the APN changes you had made.

You will see this icon when you've successfully connected to the mobile network.

Fee: PHP 5.00 for 15 minutes




For my next two articles, I would discuss how to use your HTC Desire (or Andoid Froyo) as a USB modem or a portable WI-FI hotspot.


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