Globe Broadband Tattoo

by Koree S. Monteloyola


The Globe Broadband Tattoo is a USB wireless modem that they say has a speed of up to 2Mbps.

Globe Tattoo

I decided to buy one as a back-up ISP, if ever my primary ISP, which is PLDTmyDSL, had some temporary technical diffculties. Ideally, I just have to plug the usb modem to my laptop and I'm supposed to be connected to the internet again. Right?

But, no.

I am actually one of Globe Broadband Tattoo's very unsatisfied users.

Below is a screenshot of a live statistics from the installed Globe Broadband application, the software is or should be installed when you first use the usb modem. Users of this product can always check the bandwidth through this software.



(click the image for a larger version)




Upload speed = 0.00 kbps

Download speed = 0.00 kbps

Tried connecting in the following areas:

1. Caloocan

2. Commonwealth, Quezon City

Duration : 30mins - 1hr


I also noticed that when it's raining and I had to use my Globe Tattoo, by all odds I would experience the same poor service.

If you're hoping to have a seamless connection, this product is very unreliable for the areas that I've mentioned.

I want to try and test Sun or Smart's USB modems.


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