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Yesterday k0n advised me that I should read or prepare for HTML 5, then he showed me several new html 5 tags, that I think is quite a leap from the way we code our current html pages - so yes, I was convinced that I should do a bit of research.

So far, here are the remarkable articles that I have found. I suggest that you'd read these accordingly for a better flow of information intake.

1. Yes, You Can Use HTML 5 Today!
2. HTML 5: Now or Never?
3. HTML 5 Editor Ian Hickson discusses features, pain points, adoption rate, and more

As a rundown,

- yes, HTML 5 would definitely reshape how we construct webpages, specifically for multimedia content. They say it would undermine Flash and/or Silverlight.
- HTML 5 would make the web a full pledged application platform
- Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and Opera  9.64 have support for HTML 5. So yes, you can modify "some" tags of your site to HTML 5.
- currently, Internet Explorer has the lowest level of support for HTML 5. Beware.
- if an HTML 5 tag is not yet supported by a browser you could always use javascript and css to alter its properties
- there would be APIs for the common javascript tasks such as window.location, setTimeout()
- Google would release "Google Wave"later this year. Its codes are in HTML 5.
- The expected release date of the final HTML 5 specification is on 2010.
- The proposed recommendation of HTML 5 is on 2022. Yep, that's 13 years from now.
- some groups abhor this "maturity" they say that it defies the standard of the separation of content and design

And as for me, I would heed the words of the professionals and wouldn't really focus my attention to this "yet". Although I might try some of the new HTML 5 tags for experimentation.

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