CSS3 Keyframes for Chrome and Firefox

by Koree S. Monteloyola


Web Guide CSS3 Keyframes for Chrome

If you're reading this you're probably looking for a sample CSS3 keyframes code that works for Chrome and Firefox. We'll you've come to the right place.

The solution to your problem is to follow this sequence in writing your keyframes script.


/*For InternetExplorer 10, FireFox 16.0*/
@keyframes nameOfCss3AnimationHere { /*Your animation script here*/ }

/*For FireFox 5.0*/
@-moz-keyframes nameOfCss3AnimationHere {/*Your animation script here*/}

/*Chrome 4.0, Safari 4.0, Opera 15.0*/
@-webkit-keyframes  nameOfCss3AnimationHere { /*Your animation script here*/}

View the CSS3 keyframes demo. Enjoy!

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How to launch your static website

by Koree S. Monteloyola


web development guide iconIn this article I would give you the checklist of the things that you need in order for you to launch your website with static webpages, which mean that there are no server side scripting involved. Your webpages would be coded using HTML, CSS and javascript - if you know how to apply it.

You would save time and money if you transact directly from these providers. Avoid purchasing domains or web hosting services from resellers, because if you do, most likely you will not have full-control over your domain or web hosting settings and configurations, and sometimes it's also more expensive. Spare yourself of these problems and follow my instructions.

Get your domain name.

This is your address on the web, this would be your .com or .edu or .net or .ph. If you want to have the .ph domain, purchase it from the official registrant which is Dot.ph. For the other international top level domains like the .com o .net, you can purchase it from NameCheap.com. You pay for this annually or once a year.

Purchase a web host.

A web host is where you store your files. You pay for this monthly. You can try one of these hosting providers.

OneWebUnit.com is a hosting service provider that is managed by Kairos I.T. Services. Hosting plans are categorized into small, medium, large and custom.The small hosting plan is perfect for students, individuals and organizations to host their microsite or portfolio websites. Price starts at a very affordable price of P500.00. By the way, this hosting provider does not oversell.

Arvixe.com is a good web host provider, they offer several hosting plans for Linux and Windows platforms. After purchasing you would receive an email from them wherein cPanel & FTP login and nameservers are given to you. Use the nameserver to point your domain to your web host. If you need help with this send me an email or use the contact page, and I'll help you to setup your site.

Upload your web pages using an FTP client.

Download FileZilla to transfer or upload your files to your webhost in Arvixe.com. After uploading your files, check it using a browser - choose one: Chrome, FireFox or Internext Explorer. It's better if you'll test your website with all of these browsers to make sure that it is error free.

...and your done.

Are there other options? YES.

If you want to use cloud computing here are some platforms for you.

Google Sites

With Google Sites, you don't need to create your web pages and you don't also have to purchase your web host. Google Sites would provide you an interface for web publishing and they would host your files. Your website would be accessible using a custom URL or link that Google Sites would provide for your site. If you want to point your own domain to this, make sure that you have full control over your DNS configuration/settings. Also, graphical user interface customizations might be limited and can be more complex, so design wise, make sure that your design team knows the limitations of this platform before you execute the design and programming phase.

Students and staff from the academe would want to take advantage of Google Apps for Education, because it's completely free.

Amazon Web Services S3 with Amazon Route 53

AWS S3 allows you to create a bucket and upload your static HTML files to the bucket. Like Google Site's, AWS S3 would also provide you with a customized URL/link, if you want to use your own domain to access your website you should also get Amazon Route S3.

Those are your options in web publishing. Go crazy.

If you need help in web development, go to the contact page, fill out the form and hit send.

Simultaneously publish your articles to Twitter and Facebook

by Koree S. Monteloyola


I have combined and modified codes from Twitter's API and Facebook Connect in order to create a working sample that would let webpage viewers to share or publish a link (from a certain site) to their Twitter and Facebook accounts - simultaneously.

For the Twitter login, I prefer to use oAuth, since Basic authorization/authentication is very unsecure and would be terminated soon.

Here are some helpful developer links to get you started Ü

Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect
Facebook Connect Tutorial1

Twitter API wiki
Beginner’s Guide to OAuth – Part I: Overview

Of course, a few modification of my code would let you update your status using a dynamic text, but I'll leave that task to you.




by Koree S. Monteloyola


Yesterday k0n advised me that I should read or prepare for HTML 5, then he showed me several new html 5 tags, that I think is quite a leap from the way we code our current html pages - so yes, I was convinced that I should do a bit of research.

So far, here are the remarkable articles that I have found. I suggest that you'd read these accordingly for a better flow of information intake.

1. Yes, You Can Use HTML 5 Today!
2. HTML 5: Now or Never?
3. HTML 5 Editor Ian Hickson discusses features, pain points, adoption rate, and more

As a rundown,

- yes, HTML 5 would definitely reshape how we construct webpages, specifically for multimedia content. They say it would undermine Flash and/or Silverlight.
- HTML 5 would make the web a full pledged application platform
- Browsers such as Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and Opera  9.64 have support for HTML 5. So yes, you can modify "some" tags of your site to HTML 5.
- currently, Internet Explorer has the lowest level of support for HTML 5. Beware.
- if an HTML 5 tag is not yet supported by a browser you could always use javascript and css to alter its properties
- there would be APIs for the common javascript tasks such as window.location, setTimeout()
- Google would release "Google Wave"later this year. Its codes are in HTML 5.
- The expected release date of the final HTML 5 specification is on 2010.
- The proposed recommendation of HTML 5 is on 2022. Yep, that's 13 years from now.
- some groups abhor this "maturity" they say that it defies the standard of the separation of content and design

And as for me, I would heed the words of the professionals and wouldn't really focus my attention to this "yet". Although I might try some of the new HTML 5 tags for experimentation.

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