Find your precinct number in one page load instead of two

by Koree S. Monteloyola


Since the COMELEC website ( is taking ages to load (probably because a lot of people are accessing the site), I tried this hack so I can instanly retrieve the voter's info in 1 page load instead of two.

The COMELEC Precinct Finder has 2 stages or page loads :

1. Voter has to input information for the following:
* F U L L N A M E = firstname, middle name & lastname
* D A T E OF B I R T H = month, day & year

2. The webpage retrieves and displays the voter's info and registration details with the Polling Place and precinct number.

Using the URL below edit/replace the dummy voter's info with your own information, follow the formats of the UPPER-CASE AND LOWER-CASE letters.

Formats for the following values:

- firstname, maternalname, lastname = UPPER CASE LETTERS, replace spaces with %20 (ex. SAN AGUSTIN = SAN%20AGUSTIN)
- bmonth = 2 digits of birthmonth = 01-12
- bday = 2 digits of birthday = 01 - 31
- byear = 4 digits for birth year
- month = January-December (first letter should be in upper-case)

If your name has spaces, use "%20" for each space, example:


Example URL:

If you get the "SERVICE UNAVAILABLE" message just refresh the page - click the refresh button or hit F5 to refresh.


Hope this helps!

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