Hi, I'm Koree!

I use the latest technologies to create elegant and functional websites that conform to current web standards.

I'm a self-taught programmer. I started learning PHP while I was in my job training (summer of 2003) and I have never lost my passion for web programming ever since.

I'm a graduate of Master in Information Systems at the University of the Philippines Open University, and if my time permits I teach I.T. subjects on a part-time basis or a resource speaker for an I.T. seminar. My motto is code and teach.

I have worked with foreign and local clients for various web development projects, including but not limited to Joomla, Wordpress and PhoneGap. My career in web development has led me to create Android applications using PhoneGap and made better by digital marketing.

Currently, I'm learning how Arduino works and how I can apply it to my projects.

The term "Tekinoypi" is a portmanteau of the words "techie" and "pinoy" (slang for Filipino), which represents my ardent interests; and oh, I just want to say (out loud) that I love the Philippines!